Transformation Coaching with Balmoral Coaching

The meaning of Transform is:

to change the nature, function, or condition of

to change in composition or structure; to change the outward form or appearance of; to change in character of condition                                     

Clients taking advantage of our Transformation Coaching inevitably undergo a metamorphosis in their thinking.

This fundamental change is based on several premises:

  1. The client recognises there are some features or aspects that need to change
  2. He knows that these changes are hard to do and impossible for them to do on his own. He has tried already and not been successful
  3. He has a recognition that there are parts of his very being that are unknown to him and which he wishes to access
  4. He is fearful of the challenges ahead and what is required to overcome those challenges
  5. The desire to overcome those challenges is now big enough for him to overcome those fears. Now is the time to take action. He recognises that and is prepared to take that action.


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Fear is an emotion induced by threat.

A threat has many dimensions and can be overcome, once those directions are understood and correctly positioned against reality.

Balmoral Coaches help you to understand the reality of the status quo in all its aspects.

We help you to identify, in a laser sharp approach:

  • Those areas that are most important for you to change
  • The actions required to create those changes
  • The will with which to take those actions
  • The commitment to ensure those actions are taken
  • The way to celebrate the achievement of the results that you know you are capable of and have actively achieved

Transformation Coaching

Balmoral Coaches help you to understand the patterns underlying the way you operate on the basis for your beliefs. Call us now and take the first step to your coaching success.

We all tend to have self limiting beliefs. Beliefs that introduce a barrier, or create an obstacle, to being the person that we were destined to be.

We are the masters of our destiny. We alter the destiny with each decision we take.

Balmoral Coaches help you to Define the destiny that you want and take the decisions with which to achieve it. This is not therapy. This is focused on achievement of aspirations and maintaining a future focus.

Feed forward to the universe and develop your way to manifest needed results.

You define your capacity to achieve.

This is totally within your own control. Balmoral Coaches assist you to establish and maintain that control.  To transform yourself through Transformation Coaching.

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So how is all of this transformational?

Helping the client to understand:

  • Their beliefs
  • The way they see their reality,
  • How they interpret their life and life aspects

This core to the beginning of the transformation.

It begins when the client identifies those interpretations which are not adding value, not helping him to achieve what he needs to achieve.

That are not helping him to reach his highest potential and which have to be changed.

We help you go from here:

Transformation Coaching - Self Start State

Is this your Transformation Coaching start point? How you and others see you?

To here:

Transformation Coaching has transformed

Transformation Coaching brings results – this could be your end state following coaching

This is the very essence of the being, the reality for the client. And therefore making changes to it will create a transformational shift in the way he is being, rather than just believing, or existing.

Anyone who has practised advanced meditation techniques, and achieved the degree of results that come with in-depth meditation, will understand the type of transformation being hinted at here.

With our coaching, the client transforms their perspective, the way they see their reality, to reframe and refocus, expanding their range of possibilities.

Balmoral Coaches will help you to go through this journey.


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