Reflections on coaching excellence

I was in Denmark recently and met up with one of my former students.  He was very excited about some changes in his workplace and when I started to enquire about those changes, I only realised afterwards that I had slipped into coaching mode and had not even realised it.

Have you ever had the same realisation about some other skill you have but have not actually realised how high a level it is at?

Yes, be truthful with yourself.  Ask yourself that question right now and take time to think it through.

This is at the heart of the coaching process.

The coachee turning the torch spotlight right around and looking at where it shines, that focal point where the question is directed at.

It can be quite hard, quite emotionally difficult to traverse this landscape.

But it is a journey that we have to go through, if we are to achieve the breakthrough transformations that will make the kind of difference we want to make, and the kind of difference we need in our lives,


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