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So how do we clear the clouds of problems off the decks, de clutter and remove the cobwebs of prevarication away, taking us out of Procrastination Street?

I had a coaching call with a client tonight in Denmark. It was a wonderful call, one session in a series forming the coaching assignment, and part of it focused entirely on the subject of How to Get Clarity and Build Confidence. Obviously I cannot discuss who or what or even what next about the call, as that is all in confidence during the call.

But some general things I can share:

1. Have confidence and self belief. You know more than you think you do. Everything is in you – the knowledge, the detail, the structure, the linkages – you just need to know how to get it all out at the time required.

2. When you are talking and others are listening, remind yourself just that – that they are listening to you because you have something to say and it is interesting to them. This could be your story, the story of your life, or whatever the subject area is and packaged your way.

3. Don’t create problems for yourself. You will have carried out research to prepare for this meeting, this encounter with others, this networking event, this seminar, this talk, or whatever it is that you are going to deliver at.

Don’t assume that others will come up with questions that you will not be able to answer. Just let your natural enthusiasm, tempered with the flames of your empathy and outward pouring of engagement, shape the way that all those listening take your words on board.

4. Operate from the premise that you are going to give them WOW moments (Words of Wisdom, spoken from your heart).  These can create the epiphany moments for those listening and you would not even know it, unless they come up to you afterwards and tell you, sharing what a difference it has made to them and their thinking.

5. Focus on what you are going to say and distil the key messages so they are clear in your mind.  Retain that clarity in your thoughts whilst you are talking and don’t be afraid to pause mid flow.  It does not show the listeners that you are confused, or have lost track of what you were going to say.  No, it adds emphasis on what you have said, especially if you repeat it after the pause.  Also a pause gives you time to collect your thoughts.


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Pashori Lal is the CEO of Balmoral Coaching, Balmoral Change Consulting and Balmoral HR.

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