First 100 days Coaching with Balmoral


My First 100 Days

This is the time when you will be judged. You know it, the whole world knows it.

In this is the time, your first 100 days, where everyone will be looking to you, at you, at what you do, at how you do it and what you say, how you say it.


Everyone is looking to you for inspiration, guidance and leadership. How you show yourself, how you establish yourself, what actions you take, how you stamp your air of authority and reinforce the credibility that you have.

You will be very visible during these first 100 days in particular.

What you do is absolutely critical for you and your continued success, your progression, your reputation…

It follows that any actions you take that are not appropriate, and do not have the desired results, are not consistent with overall strategy, actions that do not achieve what you need them to, will all reduce you in the eyes of your peers and colleagues.

You need to identify your personal vision and the key areas of importance.

Establish Priorities

You need to focus on those areas that will give you maximum credibility, impact and positive results, in the shortest possible time.

At Balmoral Coaching we take you through this journey, faster than you can do-it-yourself, help you make the impression you want and need to make in these first 100 days in your new role.

This is a fact.

We have a Ph.D. in results. Call us now and take the first step to your coaching success.

When you take on board a new role, you are trying to get to grips with many things. You may be trying to understand the remit of your role, the range of responsibilities that you have, the make-up of the stakeholders with which you have to engage, the type of subordinates that you have to manage, the priority of existing tasks and projects, all in relation to strategic goals and targets.

It is very easy to get inundated in a mountain of information, a sea of priorities and trying to see the wood for the trees can be very hard in these first 100 days.

Balmoral Coaching will help you jet through your first 100 days

Balmoral Coaching will help you jet through your first 100 days

We can help you to establish that clarity. The clarity that you need. The clarity that your peers and subordinates are looking for in you.

It is not as quick decision-making that they need from you. They need to know that the decisions you make, consistent with the vision and other to achieve the strategic goals and targets.

They want to see that you can keep your eye on the big picture, as well as focus on day-to-day priorities.

Balmoral coaching will help you to achieve that. Call us now and take the first step to your coaching success.