Goal Setting Coaching

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Coaching with Goal Setting

Coaching can add real value but coaching on goal setting is invaluable.  Not only can you learn a lot about yourself during a goal setting session, but you can also learn about your natural limits and passions.

Goal Setting:

  • Can be used to address a wide range of areas, with a focus on a specific point during any coaching session
  • Is a positive results focused vehicle which the person being coached, the coaching client, benefits tremendously through:
    • Clarified thinking,
    • Aided questioning,
    • Guided strategy developing
    • And focused definition.
      Use your free 30 minute coaching session to find this out for yourself in a very hands on, practical way.
  • Is not counselling.
    • If it becomes clear to the coach that the client would benefit from counselling (a clinical intervention) to deal with emotional issues, then he stops the coaching session.
      He then makes the necessary recommendation to the client
  • Is not mentoring.
    • As the coach focuses on helping the client identifying problems and only the solutions that they themselves come up with
  • Requires skill in carrying out the coaching conversations and discussions
  • Provides the client with feedback on their strengths and weaknesses
  • Provides a base for the client to develop their existing skills

It is important that you get your coaching with goal setting right.  Coaching will help you to get to your goals quicker than you can on your own.  Goal Setting is an essential step in that process.

Balmoral Coaches have a wide range of industry experience and maturity that helps to quickly add value to you, the client.

Balmoral Coaches:

  • Have in depth coaching skills,
  • Use many different coaching techniques, to :
    • build rapport,
    • establish trust,
    • create awareness,
    • maintain focus and
    • develop what is important to the client, without accidentally or deliberately introducing bias.

Balmoral Coaches provide coaching and goal setting services to clients from all industry sectors and companies of all sizes, especially for people between roles.

Balmoral Coaching can help you to make the difference, no matter if it is at the start of a new role or mid way through a tour of duty

Use us when considering how to overcome one or more obstacles at any point.

Coaching will help you to set your goals

Coaching will help you to set your goals

Contact us now to arrange your own coaching session. Use your free 30 minute coaching session to find this out for yourself in a very hands on, practical way.

Does the Coach need to be a Subject Matter Expert?

When it comes to subject level knowledge there are two schools of thought.

One school says that it is greatly beneficial if the coach has subject knowledge of the client and is able to help the client with this knowledge.

The other school says it does not matter if the coach does not have this knowledge. Not having this knowledge helps the coach to develop and maintain the necessary detachment.

He establishes objectivity, in engaging with you, the client, and adding value.

I have examples of the coach has prompting the client to question their own direction and identifying an innovative solution.  This supports the second school of thought.

There is a real risk of where the coach has in depth subject  knowledge, he/she feels an urge to share that knowledge with the client.

This type of behaviour is much more clearly towards mentoring than it is towards coaching.  That is not to say it does not have value, it is just that there is a time and place for both.

What is Mentoring?

Mentoring is where the mentor listens to the mentee’s problems, gives them the benefit of his own experience and what has worked for him.

The Mentor helps the mentee is arriving at a way forward by giving guidance.

Coaching is different.  The coach focuses the questioning on helping the coachee to explore options for themselves, without being guided.  He helps the coachee by giving coaching with goal setting