Executive Coaching with Balmoral Delivers

Balmoral Executive Coaching

Balmoral Executive Coaching creates a unique partnership for your competitive advantage.  One that is designed to benefit you, a CEO, Director, or senior executive with high potential.

Balmoral Executive Coaching gives you a supportive but uniquely challenging way to explore:

  • The context of your role
  • Your organisation and its strategic targets
  • Areas for improvement
  • Internal Agendas and ways to remove roadblocks
  • All elements of Strategic Quality Management
  • What customer sacrifice means and how to achieve it

We use our Balmoral Strategic Window model to help you go from here:

Balmoral Strategic Window™ and Executive Coaching

Balmoral Strategic Window™ and Executive Coaching

to here:, where you have:

  • A much better idea of your capability previous unknown to you and your industry peers
  • Your publicly seen capability is now more value added and has been strengthened

    Balmoral Strategic Window™ End State and Executive Coaching

    Desired Balmoral Strategic Window™ End State and Executive Coaching

Balmoral Coaches have a long-standing and in-depth track record of coaching people at your level in many industry areas and sectors.

The relationship that our Balmoral Coaches create is strong, focused on you and will build your confidence.

Through doing this and reinforcing the rapport that is created, trust is established.  Trust that underpins the success of executive coaching.

Executive coaching and its trust base is essential to helping you to

  • Recognise the assumptions that you have
  • Identify any limits in your thinking that you may not even be aware of
  • Explore all aspects of your situation
  • How to change

Using sound, industry established techniques grounded in reality and achieving results, Balmoral coaches deliver results.

Your Executive Coaching Journey

You expect and we deliver against your expectations for results.

We help you to go through your executive coaching journey.

Key elements in this journey include helping you to:

  • Define the objectives that are:
    • Important for you
    • Necessary to achieve the results that you want
    • Are important for you to achieve
  • Because this is executive coaching, after discussion and getting agreement from you, your manager may be involved
  • Reflect to understand your status quo
    • Including the strengths that you want to maximise
    • The weaknesses that you want to overcome.
  • Adopt a laser sharp approach to maximise results within the shortest possible time
  • Develop your thinking in different directions to be able to identify optimum strategies for success
  • Empower yourself to take the required actions
    • To achieve and sustain the results
    • To keep building incremental improvements in your performance
  • Receive the support of your Balmoral Coach over the course of your coaching engagement.
    • He will ensure you remain focused on the actions you identified, achieve success and learn from your experience.

This is a process which has been used very successfully.  It uses techniques that are not just industry-standard but have been validated successfully.

Balmoral Coaches include Non Exec Directors with Board operating experience.  We also have those with many years’ experience working at senior levels.

Call us now and take the first step to your coaching success.